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Power Copywriting for the Internet

Learn from the masters how to write powerful marketing for your business!

Bob Serling reveals the 32 step Power Formula that he uses to write marketing strategies and copy that have sold hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of products and services for his clients. But before you even get to his Power formula, he’ll tell you about these 4 prerequisites your copy must have:

Not only do you get all of Bob’s secrets for powerful copy, you also get over 4 ½ hours of Bob’s conversations with other top marketing and internet geniuses like Audri Lanford, Declan Dunn, Cory Rudl, Joe Vitale, and Marlon Sanders. Be a fly on the wall as you listen to them give tips for:

Course Includes:

Everything is ready! Get started today for only $77.00!

Our Power Copywriting for the Internet course is designed to bring you and your business to new heights.